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Wilco Rental, Inc. has all your lawn & garden equipment parts and supplies to keep your machine running at its best all season long. Whether it’s a push mower or a heavy duty snow blower, we service most makes and models. Contact us today or stop in to take advantage of our numerous service specials!

When should I sharpen or replace my mower blade and change oil.

Lawn Tractors Repaired
50 Hour Check List

Every 50 hours,
Wilco Rentail, Inc. suggests you:

  • Sharpen or replace mower blades.
  • Change Oil
  • Change Oil and Air Filter
  • Check/Replace spark plugs
  • Clean battery terminals
  • Check/Replace mower belt
  • Check tire pressure and brakes
  • Lubricate front axle pivot
  • Lubricate front axle wheel spindle and bushing

We Service

All Makes and models of lawn and garden equipment.  Bring in your equipment and we will have it fixed up by one of our expertly trained technicians.